SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is about helping search engines to put your page in front of your customers.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  When a potential customer searches for goods or services that your business can supply a long list of results comes up. If you are not near the top of that list then people are unlikely to click on your website. On the other hand, if you are a plumber that operates only in Manchester there is no point in your website coming up when someone in London googles for a plumber. SEO is about writing the website, using visible and hidden means, to increase the likelihood of your website being put in front of potential customers. You can think of it as a form of free advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

What Google, Bing and other search engines want, is to serve the most relevant pages to their search customers. The pages are ranked using secret algorithms, and the highest ranked pages are shown first.

If you only sell Rabbit Hutches then your website coming up in a search for goldfish is not relevant to the person doing the search, and the search engines don’t want to serve irrelevant pages to their customers. Now if you have a Pet Shop that sells both Rabbit Hutches and Goldfish, then it would be relevant for your site to come up when someone searches for “goldfish”. SEO is a number of techniques, using both visible and hidden means, to tell search engines about your site so they can serve it up to the most relevant potential customers.

Penalising Poor Practices

In the past, people tried to trick search engines into bumping their site up in the results. Things like repeating their product names many times, often having the text the same colour as the background, thinking that this would make their site come up higher in searches, and for a short while it did work, but then the search engines realised this was making them serve up pages that were not relevant to their search customers, so they not only stopped taking notice of such practices, they actively downgraded website that did it.


So SEO is NOT about fooling google or Bing, it is about helping them to rank your website correctly so that it comes higher up in search results. If your SEO is done correctly your website will be served to the most relevant potential customers, and all this happens without you having to pay the search engines a thing.

One-size does not fit all

If you use a free website creator for your local plumbing business, you might select a “Plumber” template, and they may include some SEO relevant to a plumbing business, but it is unlikely to be specific to your business. You probably want your website to come up in searches for your town, and perhaps the surrounding towns, but not for people that are 200 miles away. On the other hand, if you are selling something that is only sold by Mail Order, and you ship throughout Europe, you don’t particularly want your website to be shown only to local customers, you want it to be shown throughout Europe, but not to the USA for example.

We will create your website with SEO best practice, so it works for you better.

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